The Correct Answer Is …

by Elvira

And, Miss America
                                    would work                 for World

How     trite                             out words,
            we give                                    Live to Lies
                        that                  fit                     out situation

If one                           would say                    “I truly
                                    HATE the Niggers”
the response               would be                     to burn the
                                                                        City down.

Rome’s destruction
                                                was blamed on the
until Constantine                     died                 it took the

the Holy Orders          marched          to the dogma
                                    killing              in his Name.

Is He not                      the GOD                      of ALL?

It matters not.
                                                A tiny excuse
                                    is as good as any.

We                               cleanse            ourselves         with

<< The end >>

July 18, 2013

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