The Boxer: Mayweather (apology to Paul Simon)

By Elvira

I’m a boxer
that’s my life

I go home        and
my wife

I’m a                SUPERSTAR
she can’t run
I                       grab                 her hair –
her clothes,     I tear.

NO 911 for me
I’m a star,
can’t you see!
Lady Judge —               I love women
Can I hear an AMEN!
The kids are scared, and cry
As, I use a belt to tie,
her to a chair
I don’t care!

The police are             at         the door
there is blood on the floor
It’s NOT hers,              I say
Good night,     Good Day!

They cuff my               arms and take me
to “the HOUSE”
They call me ”skell” and also “louse”
I’m booked and mug
I’m not a “skell” or thug!

They take my picture for a file
I get no bail, just a trial

My wife comes back and pleads
Tells them of my children’s needs.
NO! they say, there is no Bail
for a man who leaves a bloody trail.

I see the judge:!          A woman is
I become a                  fatalist
no more Rings             for me to use
Now I’ll drink potato juice

O.J. used                      a rusty knife
and never got a cellie’s life
I was a boxer               fame I had
Now my Name:           BAD

November 2014

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