One Hand Clapping

by Elvira

What                           is                                  the Sound of ONE
hand                            clapping:
Does                the Forest                    see                   the Tree?
The Shot                      heard                                       ‘round
the world                     was                                          like the
CRY                              in                                 Palestine!

The size                       of the person
matters not,
his Heard, his brain
or the smallest
person                                     may see           beyond
the carcass                              called              human
His Vision                                like                  on X-Ray
foes                 to the Very
atom    of         a Being:           Extracting        Pain,
as if                 a dagger          ripped              his Soul.
“Let the Games                       begin,”                        the Dark One
says:    “Let us
see       who we can
And the Universe                    becomes                      the Changeling
Animated                    by
an Unseen force                      screaming:
“I don’t want this”
(for it only
Brings grief                 to
the tender heart)                    and, only
self death                                brings Relief

I am NOT                                 of the World —
nor from Mars            —                      yet You
Dain                             to call me insane.
I                                   cannot touch the
Face of God
Allah    Mazda
for the Fiery                            Presence
would KILL the
when I                                     weep               it is not
only for myself                        but for Humanity:
Lance                           rips Mankind
with its                        greed
disguising        the
the wicked mask                     as                     Beauty
until                 the Empty                                Space in the
Universe                                  is filled with
a replacement                                                of an unknown origin.

January 23, 2014

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