Straw Man

by Elvira

how long the time
            from breath                                                    to breathe,
                                                do                                we;
nanoseconds                           suspended:
                                                confident                     yet
                                                doubting                      the return
as blooms                                shine,
                                                giving                          no appearance
of distress                                fluttering,                    they, to
                                                until                             the end

the work                                  is not                           in vain
ourselves                                 validated                     by organic
a gesture,                                                                    an utterance
                                                completes                   the
                                                amputated                  man,
                                                creating                       a hologram
of deceit                                  seen                             by venal

the Straw Man                        comes.                         Smiles all
                                                invites                          to flames, our
unappeased desire                                                      And, we like
fools                                        blinded                        by the shine,
until we                                   see                               the bared teeth
                                                inside                           the Evil’s mire.

February 21, 2011

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