Job 4:17

“Shall mortal man be more just than GOD?  Shall a man be more pure than his maker?”  Job 4:17

By Elvira

Man                                         struggles                                 to gain
the Favor                                                                     of Abba
Some,                                                                                      because of their Nature
birth                                        Evil –
Others,                                                                        Good
the                   ever seeing                             Helios
knows                                      the Fields of
Actions                                    are sown;                                He
is NEVER FOOLED                   by Masks
worn                                        by ALL.

Our Snow                                is sooted                                              no matter
how hard we               try                                            to pick away
the Blackness.                                                                         But, we
can try
to achieve                               a modicum
of Purity.

We                                           See                                          ourselves
We                                           judge                                       ALL by OUR
Innocent men                          jailed
Murders                                  freed!
Only HE
Sees                                         the Rotted Heart,
the Wheel                               forever turns
carrying                                   Satan’s Spawn
to his Just Reward.

We                                           weep                                       because
EVIL                                         WINS:
but, as the Seasons,
the Imp into


June 1914

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