Saint Is as Saint Does

By Elvira

.                       I AM INNOCENT!

.                                                           yet, you
.                                                           burn me at the stake.

.                       Joan of Arc,                 offered me quick Death;
.                                                           given the Whole Sentence
.                       of the Law!                  Burn! You witch;

.                       Let St Margret                        Save you –
.                                                           scream the English,
.                                                           Laughing, as she
.                                                           Begs for a cross.

.                       A Lone Priest               Hears.
.                                                           “Jesu, Maria” the
.                       Tongues           of Flame          Bake the Body. Only
.                                                                       the Soul Flees
.                       mortality.

.                       Bones                          pulverized
.                                               and thrown                  in the River:
.                       water; finally               offering           Succor.

.                                                                                               And
.                       Joan                 becomes                      Marianne
.                                               becomes                      Mother of the
.                                                                                   Lepers
.                                               becomes                      Diana,
.                       a pseudo Saint.

.                       And,
.                                   the thought     becomes          Words
.                       And,
.                                   the Words       become           Deeds.
.                       it Matters not,                                     for our Prisoned
.                       Heart                           Reflects           What
.                                   we                   want to see.
.                       Maiden/Whore                                   Words so
.                       close                            together          Nationalism
.                       chooses                                   its        Banner.

.                       Hers                 was                  the Battle
.                       Hrs                   was                  the Glory
.                       without            a scintilla         of Bone.

.                       Who                 was                  she?     Mary
.                                                                                   Marianne
.                                                                                   Goddess
.                                                                                   Strumpet.
.                       Her Bones                   Lie                   in the Darby,
.                                   with                             Billy Budd’s.

.                       Smile.

September 19, 2013

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