Rest Between Battle

By Elvira

The sword                   is broken
the Rock:         gone
Shivering,                    the Child
deep in prayer,           asking for                    succor,
trying to remember   the
lessons                                                            from Grandmother
TRUST                                     the Word
that conjures  Warmth –
Is                     ALL THAT’S

The Weapon               DIES NOT BECOME     Whole:
but, the Strength                   Returned.
The Foe                                   Came.              He
was unafraid –

― 3 ―

The Battle                   ends. Looking,            he
sees                 no: aura angles
heavenly choir
only Himself,              swordless – unafraid —
knowing          that He
net                  the “Hero”:
and, it                         was                  Him.

May, 2013

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