by Elvira

Hollow                                                                                                the ground
            cold                                                                             the earth
            Bodies                         resting:                                    none

Phalanxes                               pushing                                   past
trunks                                                                                     spindly
branches                                                                                 stalk-like,
the sky:
new live                                  peeping
the messenger                                                                        Birds

Aves, aphids,                                                                          some
all part of                                                                                the cycle:
the order,                                                                               changed.

Resurrections                                                                         Dead
tales                                        told                                         of men and
full-bodied                              teasing, daring                                   heat and
                                                to bend and destroy

First Father                             does Not demand                  Blood
            but, some                   give                                         if freely
            faith                                                                            and love,
His tenured voice,                  asks
the heart                                is                                             in the brain
the soul                                  remains                                   until
                                                claimed,                                  to light
and greater                                                                             glory
in Paradise                              or,

Feb, 2011

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