Paula X

by Elvira

Her name                    is                                  Paula
a nonentity                              to the world;
but to                                       MR.,
one of HIS children.
She                              rides                            on her Magic
chair:                                                               Wheels
gliding                         on Earth:
one of                                                              the Unfortunates –
BELIEVING                   in the Utopia of
―  2  ―
¿                                  Doer                            her heart
embrace                      the Trinity
because MEN              mock?
¿          Is                                  it a Pipe dream,

The Opium of                                                  the Masses, a
Tale                 Manufactured             by the Strong
to Keep                        the unpretty
at bay?;                       ‘Tis                               an Illusion
forged                         by We;
Strength or
Acceptance or
Rejection                     Showing                       US
Golden Hearted                                              or
Frozen Dead
―  3  ―
Look                             at Yourself,
Dorian Grey;               snicker,                        if I must
as         Shiva,                                                   god of death
masticates                   my Heart,
with                             creeping                      Leprous Vengeance,
while                           drowning                     in the River

April, 2012

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