One can never consent to creep

“One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar” Helen Keller

By Elvira

I DO NOT                              creep                           into my
for my Body                                                    Stone.
That                          which               was                  me
to uncharted places
liquid                                                ghostly                         gossamer
take                             ME there.

No harps play
St George
is busy with
a dragon —
Catherine spins
her wheel.
I                                walk                             alone
on streets
made of                                               Bones of
the Past.

One                          is                                  Mine:
I           care     NOT
because                                               I Begin to Soar!
The African Winds,                          take     Me
to Europe.
of old:
Queen Eleanor.
in her French villa.

I                                Choose                                    this time
though war and
for my soul               finds                            peace and home
in the Troubadour’s song

I           become dust
that travels
o the

October 2014

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