Of Tonto, as portrayed on TV (or Nobel Savage)

By Elvira

You                                          Killed                                       the Buffalo
You                                          Raped                                      Mother Earth
You                                          Poisoned                                  our Young
serve                                       in your military
we                                           wear                                        your colors
for Blood
for Peace
for Sky

Our Young                               forget                                      Our Tongue
Jingle Dance                            Replaced                                 by

But,                                                                                          We
Stand                                       fast:
Some                                       Return
Others                                     Die                                           in a Bar
“Nobody                      Loves                                       a Drunken Indian”
except                                                                         You
who                                         profess                                                Peace/Love,

As                                            long as
We become

June 2014

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