New Year

By Elvira

A babe comes upon the stage,

                diaper firmly pinned.

O, Infant Bard,

                                Reach for

                the plume

                                to scribble a pedantic


                                Voice whatever the Muse


                this fabled woman enceinte with

                Sinène’s songs, no traveler

                                                Can resist

                These Blessings; Curses for the Unfortunate:

                The Railleur in Arthur’s Court

                The Cassandra doomed in Modern Times.

The diaper slips

The Babe tumbles through space,

                waning with each spin

                Grasping air with hands

                Charging quickly inot a hoary creature: Age

The Old Timer

                looks with encrusted eyes at Youth

                Enticed, again by the Enchantress:

                                                “Put a feeble pen to paper!”


Forever, the scruiler

                Knowing that God’s tongue

                Is mightier

then the word,

                hopes to gaze

on           etched words

branded on tender hearts,

                                                                or vellum

at the end of the continuum.

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