Mr Jefferson

by Elvira

Ah,      Mr. Jefferson                          how dark is
thy Beauty
skin                             like                  sweet chocolate
eye                              fluttering,       like Butterflies
held                 captive
in a                                                      silken net.

Does, she                    cry                   for Mother, or
has She
been replaced            by: easy living
silent assignations                             Publically
causing            heart palpitations
and swoons                                        in daken times
when ALL SINS                        wear                masks –

― 2 ―

Yes, masks,                 making                        YOU, a
GREAT WHITE FATHER,                      as your
“whore’s” children     see                  themselves
at the dinner table,               serving

Was                 she
good “inuff”                to bed             in silence
but      lacking             in Civilized compx.

Tell, me           What does
slavery                        mean?
Were               you a
Slave to lust,                                       to propriety?

― 2 ―

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