by Elvira

She                              walked                                    the gait of

            femininity:                                          head high

                                                                        lips painted red

her dress                     snug                            to show

the curves                                                       God withheld – yet

            science                        gave

No day’s growth                     upon               her lips


                                    enunciated                 by her garb

voice               higher                                     tenor, than before;

                        yet                                           no soprano, she.

fingernails                   hennaed                     red

hair                             cascading,                   dark below her back.

the air                         was                              sweet

            more so                      than                yesteryear,

when she

                                    unclothed                   her secret.

her body                     conforming                 to beauty, all

                                    is                                 her own.

Not                                                                  as the day

the bris                       was held

Laughter                                                         upon her ears

Darkness                     engulfs                                    her eyes

                        the Reaper,                             dear

                                                finds                that

she      a                                                          princely knight,

the armor                   engorged                    with blood

                                    reaches                       across the Years,

to                                                                    modern Camolot

a fraud                                                                        for all to see

            both                                                    body;


Man                            begot,                         thus

                                    ended                         Her


February, 2011

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