Mi Amor

By Elvira

“Eres               mi amor — . . .”
I am her armor
the wall           that keeps
loneliness at bay
The Moat                    that states:
“She is my cartel!”
Unencumbered by steel — ,
I can be
the Musketeer                        that rights
all wrong —
the worthy soldier of peace.
Touch Not . . .
promised in words,
if not deeds —
until . . .

He sleeps between the light —
He unmans
me with a word
nothing is safe
from the slime he leaves
nothing is pure —
ashes are always in the mix
So . . .
gingerly we walk —
hand in hand
steeple to steeple,
waiting                        for the
that separates us
unites                                                              us —
Soul entwining soul:
matters not earthly words:
¡Hurt me Now!
For tomorrow,             I will be you
and you,

November 2015