Job 30:26

“When I looked for good, then evil came unto me:  and when I waited for light, then came darkness”  Job 30:26

By Elvira

Forever, WE                               SEARCH                                                for goodness:
This World,                                                         We
know                     Belongs to


Each Day,                     a struggle                            to
combat                                 the
UGLINESS of Our Soul.
Some,                                           overwhelmed,                  Choose
To Follow             the         Easy Path.
For it is Easier                                                             to become Ophelia
and                        Lay                         our Bodies
In the River.

Others                                          Combat —                            with
Ecru Hearts                                                                 to Rid
The Magnet of                  “the Breaking Bad”


So, Poverty                                                 rather than theft
Chains                                                   rather than Murder
for the End Result
may not Be                         Freedom
Imprisonment                                                           of Soul and

For, one                       cannot Run                         away
From                                     Destiny:
Atlas                                              becomes                             Our Father –
we carry on.

March 2014

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