“It would be much more constructive if people tried to understand their supposed enemies.” His Holiness the Dalai Lama

By Elvira

Launch the rocket
Throw the Rock.
“He started it!”
Same old. Same old.
through centuries.
“The Truth”                                         at war
with itself.
Crusaders                    bore                             the Cross
Sirens                                      bore                 the Crescents
Bodies on Little
Big Horn
because the True Adam
needed            his buffalo.

Peace tables.                                                   Seraglios
on Paper —
always broken;
Silence                                                 on Nativity
Allemand et Francais              singing
until the twilight!

We                               feign                            comprehension
We                               claim
to walk                                    in their Shoes –

But go                                                  Back to
our Comfort Zone.

Do No Harm
all Say —
yet                   Damnation,
is                      the Real Goal

To Live                         the Dharma
is                                  to Release

We                               always

July 2014

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