Job 6:30

“Is there iniquity in my tongue?  cannot my taste discern perverse things?”  Job 6:30

By Elvira

Taste                           the White of
the egg —                                                                    it
fades                           as the Wind in
Evil                                          wears                          a Mask.
It                                  comes                          gaily Dressed
full                                           of Promises —
ALL Our DESIRES                     Given!

Himself                                    promises:                    Struggle
Pain —
until                                                                 one
accepts                        His POWER.

When Dorian Gray                  Smiles:                         he
is                                  forever Young,
and                                          goes                             on his Way
causing                        Evil.
Yet,                                                                              In the Nursery,
His Image                    is Corrupt.
His Mask                                 is Never removed,
but                                                                   HE
knows                          the truth.

We                                           ARE ALL                       members
of         the                                                       FALSE FACE society.
We                                           show                            what we want
the world                     to See,                                     Be it
good or
We                                           ARE ALL                       Infants
in discerning                                                   the TRUTH.
Smiles                                      Hide                             knives
Tears                                       disguise                       happiness,
The Heart                                hurts,                           yet
it is                              the Mind
that                                          RRIGGERS                    them.

JUDGE                         as you Please
only                                                                 Himself
the Judge,

July 2014

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