By Elvira

the inner life is silent
it moves the heart of the knower
it knows the pain of others
it knows it must exist in a world
of doubters
those who KNOW they are the best

the artist – the true artist
has this life —
it panders NOT to the vulgar
the common
it does not paint Velvet Elvises
it tries to touch the face of GOD
and prays each day
it is worthy to feel the fire of
HIS goodness.

they suffered: O’Neill
Van Gough
Williams —
those that pandered to the Queen
were universal – or was he a he
or they?!

the world is noisy. Few hear the
words of the Great One –

Even Joan was afraid – and doubtful
if we can only
hear the sound of that one hand
maybe we can find an Eden.

March 2017