…horns coming out of his hand

by Elvira

O, Bright instrument
                                    playing                        sweet music
Airs that                      flow,                as breezes from above

Suns that literally       shout,             “Hosanna to all!”

Cornets, pan pipes,    playing                        Peruvian tunes,
                                    harking            to the ancient ones,
who                             created           structures
            akin to those                          half a world away.

Pan pipes                    playing                        olden airs
                                    past                 the flood of Gilgamesh
                                    past                 the dwellings of ancient Gaul
                                    past                 the kingdom of Darius
                                    past                 the murder of dusky Roxana,
                                                            consort of mighty Alexander.

Only those of                                      Cassandra’s linage
                                    can                  hear it.
They dare not             speak,             for fear of

Unnatural,                                          this Universe
                                    stamps                        them; are they
            the Devil’s                               spawn??
Fr it is                          said,                only Evil
                                    hear                the Unseen.

There                          are NO            saints,
            in this                                      Christiandom.

All                                say                   there is No
                                                            visage; for
visions                         may bring       death to body/soul
            Mortal Eyes                            CANNOT fathom Radiance.

We all                         travel,             the known road,
            only                 giving              glimpses of
            the gifts;         to utter           more
                                    is Blasphemy; and
Rendition                    to the              Uninitiated
                                    brings              Monoliths
                                                            (all worlds apart)

The only evidence of . . . .

 * Habakkuk 3:4

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