Job 5:12

“He disappointeth the devices of the crafty,  so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise”  Job 5:12

By Elvira

We                                     speak                                       in the Night
with                                         our Foolish deeds.
Thinking                                  Evil of others
plotting                                    to play Iago
and,                                               deceive                                    Himself
in Believing
We                                     are                                           Aphrodite, without

  1. Men only
    see                                           what we want
    them to.
    So, Iago                             becomes                                  Pan
    playing                                                his pipes
    catching                                  Othello unaware
    enticing                                   with lies:
    Destroying                               the Love for
    Murder.                                                                             Of Love
    by Craft.

In the end,                                                                         Evil is undressed.
Justice                         comes.
Can not                                    Hide

June 2014

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