Ghost Town

By Elvira

Ghosts                                     walking            in
a ghost town
not       a                      movie set
but REAL:
we all walk
thinking                       we                   matter
but       as         malignant        Spirits,
we DON’T

No Zombies,                                        for they
are hallucinations,
made of drugs
that      slow     the heart
Ghosts:                        eating, drinking
before             the Final Curtain
we walk and
think    we       ARE                  flesh and blood
yet,                  what we do is NOT
for Life

Ghosts:                        winning awards
being leaders
while                           all        the time
Our Bodies are NOT
immortal:                                only
await               us         —                      then we
Truly know
our purpose

We guess,
we go to Church
saying                          “This IS what we ARE!”
yet, the Final
Breath                         leads    us to
a master
who weighs our GOODS:
and them
we       meet                HIMSELF
the ICE of

April 2015

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