Forsake Me Not

by Elvira

Repeat.                        Repeat.                        Repeat.
Pound                          the Dogma
into the head:                                                  HIMSELF
IS                                 the shield
All Davids                    carry.                           Fear, Not,
though You                  tremble                       in the Dark

A Hand                                                                        without a Body
Encases                       You —
Making                        you mightier
than ANY                                                         Super Hero.

Thus,                                                                Moses
Israel and
Mary, the Mother
walked                         the Earth.
And, this                                                          scintilla of
a worm                        shakes                         before the
other sinners,              knowing                       that
Repudiation                 is                                  the ONLY

“Party                          On!”

June 30, 2013

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