Forest Man

By Elvira

Forest Man.                                         Green Man
Brother of Persephone
Mirror of Adam:
Once able to
eat from the land —
Brasilia                                                demands         you
wear shoes

Green Man
burning            HIS
checking,         the air
with soot;                                                                    because
your children are
Would that                                                      Rio
taught you other skills —
too busy                       with Carnival
that sucks
poisoned oxygen

We                               pray                             for Eden
cry                               for hanging Gardens
the Quetzal
the Jaguar
(ugliest car on earth)
Forced             to Discard Natural Dreams

Eat your cereal
as Brasilia                   eats                 caviar
They for vanity.

Green Man                                          drink “teswin”
dream of Jaguars
Free birds,
You                              are                   now gibbeted
in an uncaring

April 2015

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