Job 8:9

“For we are but of yesterday, and know nothing,  because our days upon earth are a shadow”  Job 8:9

By Elvira

All of our tomorrows              ARE                              but Dreams —
unprocessed                celluloid –
unwritten                    scripts
waiting                                    for the Author
to awaken, to put                    Pen to paper.
For                               Good,
or Bad.
they are unmade.

Faded memories                     ARE                              our Keen:
rewritten                     to suit
Our Vanities.                                                               We
reveal                          what we want
the World to know!

Masks,                                                                         we
for our Dance
on Earth.                     Keeping                       Pain
To Reveal —
is                                  to Become Sky Clad:
leaving                                    Nothing unsaid
And, Existence                         will NOT
Permit It!

Yesterday                                can be rearranged      to
promote                      Function, in
a World,                                                                      where the Box
is                                  SUPREME!

So, Quiet Child
Shy Child
do NOT Unwrap          your Soul —
for       You
the ONLY


May 2014

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