Final Rest

by Elvira

The Couch.
            I                       Seek                 Every Day;
in Meditation                                      in
                                    Chocked Tears
            I                       look                 at the
Summer Moon            /                       Orange, not
yellow                                                  Rings
                                    circle               it —
there                           is                      No man in
the Luna;                     it is                  but fiction, as
Tales of Old.                                        A Resting place

            I                       Find:                HE
                                    has opened      HIS arms
to Me,                                                 yet I
                                    Find                 Myself unready

No babe, I                                            still
                                    beg                  for unconditional
                                    would              that I
                                    rested              in the BOAT
to Jordan,                                            the coffin
with MY name                                                on it.

June 30, 2013

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