False Face Society

By Elvira

Do We                         count                           Our Worth
by the                                                              Number of
Friends we                   Have?
The bigger the Crowd,                                                the MORE we
are loved?

Some People               Have                            ASSOCIATES
who                             suck,                            the oxygen
from the air:                                                   then
PRETEND                     to like you,
until                 YOU                 Are NO                        Use to them.

The false heart                        doth know                   what the
FALSE FACE                 doth not show
Masks, We                  wear                            them Everyday;
they                 protect                                    the Tender Heart;
they                             LIE                               through
gritted Teeth.
Masks                          open, close —
manipulated                by the
puppeteer.                                                      The Act
is sold                          at Church,
how, else                     did                               Iago
Orchestrate                 the Murder
of Desdemona?

Tears                           are cheap.                   An actor
can produce                them on cue.

And, those that            can see                        the rotting Flesh
must hide                                                        their hearts
for they Break             and,
cannot be repaired.

Othello                        was                              Blind.
He only                        saw                              what he
to see.
No words                                                         of truth
penetrated                  his crippled Soul.
So, we                          become                       Othello’s
and only          see                   the surface.

You                              cut                               me with YOUR
arrogance;                                                      Yet, one good
cry                               stitches                        me.

Now,                            go                                on through
your petty pace ――                                      for only
Death                                                              will Truly
give me

December 12, 2013

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