Country Song

By Elvira

She’s just an angel
in paradise
trying               her wings.
She’s just an angel
in paradise
showing           her rings.

On Earth          she coquetted around
she used her perfect hips,
and, one day,
she used her lips.
They were red and plump
as she spoke
They were sweet as wine;
but my message,
she mistook.
As we danced, her hands
on my hips
I felt her fingers
in my pocket slip.
She took my heart and money;
a thief was my honey:
Same old
story told.

My guitar and gun, she left
and, my revenge,
for her Bold theft:
I shot her at the tavern
straight — :

I knew my worthless life
written in Country Fote —
a Chemical death it will be
for that “angel” to see.

She’s an angel in Paradise forever.
She thought she was clever:
An angel in Paradise, with No wings
no wallet, NO heart
no Golden rings!


June 2016