by Elvira

                                                meshing                      for an instant
                                                becoming        ―        one      ―        then
darkness:                                                                    the void

                        offsprings                    fragmented;                splinters:
Each a Perfect                                                                         universe
            unto                                                                            themselves
                                                !!!  BANG  !!!

Blood                                      seeps
                                                gelling                                     in the
Silence                                    reverberating                         the
question to                                                                             the Great One
            whose only                                                                 answer
                                                is                                             anguish
Descendents                           born                                        in chaos
                                                raised                                      in emotions
                                                ending                                     in darkness
while, in between,                                                                 the Clueless
                                                bind                                        with
hollow but sincere                                                                 words
                                                pouring                                   acid on
the open wound,                                                                   hardly
                                                looking                                                for a Cause
                                                pointing                                  fingers,
with Four Back,                      declaring:

                                                “The Enemy is us.”

March 9, 2011

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