City Scape

By Elvira

Feet Encrusted                                                                        with Life
Pants                                       dirtied                                     with lost dreams
Bags:                                       Warning:
Don’t Come Near
a dollar for a Doughnut:
Jehovah does supply!
Matted hair: do Dreads                                                          just crusted sweat,
dirt, bugs


Treat                                       me as a Dandified
at the Met:                                                                              My money
is as Good as his!

But,                                          stay away                                fear
yet,                                                                                          you
trusted                                     Mr Clean
and,                                         were robbed                           of

Don’t Speak:
Do gooder’s Charity                Smells                                      of Religion
not                                           God:
“Why must I pray for a sandwich?”

“The Poor will always be with You:
yet, they                                  disappear                                in the night
disappear                                from sight
disappear                                from the World
Cup Venue
They do NOT                           exist                                         in West Hollywood,
only on                                                                        celluloid
as actors                                  “clean up”                               after playing
the displaced

There Goes                              You
There Goes                              Me
but for                                                                                     Grace
that We           throw                                       as we primp for
the Prom.
They                                        are                                           NON PEOPLE
sick people
poor people
our people
that we                                    cast out                                   of Life
because                                   We ARE AFRAID
We                                           Will be                                     THEM

We                                           ARE the Amoeba
that                  ESCAPED                                 at parting
to be reminded                       of
our conjoined body

They                                        repulse me                              for they
are me                                                without the Government

Those scabbed feet,
as                                             the Pedicured Toes
become                                   Fodder
for worms                                                                               and finally
turn to Dust!

June 2014

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