by Elvira

Hija de España


Amada por los reyes cristaños

Ustd. Era cirstano-en idomia Y fé

Queen of England

                Wife to a shoat named Henry;

                He who lusted for any woman who might give

                Him a son:           a breaker of vows

                                                A schemer of loopholds

                                                A rapier of nunneries

                                                A pompous ruler of fearful subjects


                Loved by THE PEOPLE OF España

                                                                And England

                Pawn in a deadly game of



                A frozen smile: she knows her place.

                                                “Mother” to an OEVIPUS, once

                                                Declared for the Church, but

                                                Given to Caesar


                Ill used by TWO CROWNS, who played

                                A deadly game, with your royal birth

                Ending up with:

                                No plate               No dowry            Damp castels

                                And, your hija, María Tudor called

                                Bastards, daughter, Bastard



Enrique VIII (Ocha)

                                Used religion to usurp the Pope

                                Violate monasteries

                                Reward murders for a succession

                                Married THE GREAT WHORE BOYLEN


                                Opened door for Margraves

                                                And Princes to plunder any

                                                                                To rule secularly


                                Your faith

                                Your integrity

                                Your Iberian spirit was

                                                NEVER crushed

Catalina y María Tudor

                                Reyes Cristanos who hung to la Fé



                                (But, also blinded by them)

                                You lived for courage and faith

You were despised by some for what you did

                For your faith y sus dios

                But ustedes dos were martyrs

                                For bogus kings of questionable

                                Royal blood

You are part of English History

                                Like it or not

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