Job 26:13

“By his spirit he hath garnished the heavens; his hand hath formed the crooked serpent”  Job 26:13

By Elvira

He                                crawled.
the Deceiver.
Waiting,                      tongue
Rended by
his Nature.
Once,                                                               a Prince —
the Most Loved                                   of Heaven —
Mow,                           slithering                     on the Fetid
like the
Evil he                         IS!

He                                Looks                           at the Heavens,
a Home           Denied                         him
Eyes                             looking
looking                                    for what Once
was                              Paradise.
The Coldest of
Places: Home.

He                                lies
Benign                         is                                  his Mien
we                               ARE                              Forever fooled.
Pleasant voice,
we                               are                               TOO busy
to look                         beneath

The Mask                                was Created
to Strengthen
Man;                                                                to let him
see                               the Light
in the

August 2014

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