Butchers’ Cleaver

By Elvira

Le chapeau rouge
est le sang
to feed Mère
Royal Blood, is best
“for France to Live
Louis Must DIE”

Die he did, like the king HE WAS,
Marie, peasant dressed
was sacrificed
to feed the Land

Oh, Royal people –
your allies deserted you?
La Fayette
and headless
Royal cousin
duplicitous –
Traitors joined the Club
of Charles;
Buckingham –
for one’s word is
honor traded for existence –
Royal name –
How you’re undone
Let Jeanne die             or sold
down the River
her bones crushed and drowned

Mère   Guillotine
Père     Hache
Soeur   Feu
Frère   Ecorcher:
All thirst for Blood
and      THE Savages must quench
not all knowing the truth:
for Liars lead them on!

But then, Christ’s Blood
Does Mortal man use
to train:
Tarnished Russia IS NOT at peace
some people have no Christmas feast
The Whites, defeated, oh alas
The Reds cleaned house,
an easy task

Rest in Peace, Louis
Madame Princesse de Lamballe
Rest with bodies not intact;
For France’s Marseillaise does not lack

June 2015