Job 13:4

“But ye are forgers of lies  ye are all physicians of no value.”  Job 13:4

By Elvira

  1. We
    don                              our masks with the
    Sun.                                                                 Melpomese and Thalia —
    each                            hand                            a face: comedy/tragedy;
    as Hedwig                                                       we “
    put                               on our make-up”
    that                              drives                          the Day.

Sister Muses                toy                               with our inner self.
leading                                    to what WE
WANT                          others
to see.
Iago                             KNEW                          a smile
trumps                         truth EVERY TIME.

Othello                        had                              NO chance!
Wisdom                       can be                         fooled —
a Pretty face —
always IS                     the Victor —
even, as Evil                Seeps                           from every Pore!

Man                             troubles NOT               to
See                  beyond
the Surface:
The Evil One                is conning:
the Sirens                    ALWAYS GET their MAN.

As pilgrims                                                      the Earth,
they must        NOT FALL.
Deaf                            to pleas
Deaf                            to cries
to be heard
is                                  HS
Let NOT                                                           the confusion
of                                 the World
the Internal

July 2014

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