Bus Ride

By Elvira

                                    long time                                long time

funny man:                                         talking                         to himself
“chatting”                                                                   on a phone!

Fat Lady:                                 “Get                off my feet, jerk!”

sweet boy (Five?)                   “Do                  you have change
                                                                        for a dollar?”
H . m . m . m (nice chickie)!:              “Sure”

                                                Bus stop                      In comes:
“Why don’t they stay home?”
            To                                get                               a bus pass,
            you                  have    to        stink
                                                                                    dreads and

“Here’s my stop                                             Government Building

Check that dollar                               Check that dollar.

No faces
no faces.
                                                                        they have NO faces
just a crowd                                                    Bodies occupying
space               no time           to say              “bye”
                        no reason.
no smiles
faces                            hidden                                    with the
                                                                        “New York Times”
                                                            or,       THE Stare!
icy crystal
never                           goes                            away.

WE                              are                   the Walking dead
                                                            Zombies without

Brief encounter
brief lives
but for some:                                                 THERE IS NO

Minds                          struggling                                against
phantom                                                                     Real; or, Not

NO peace                                                                    voice
                                    telling                          secrets
                                                                        long buried

September 22, 2010

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