Anne Boleyn

By Elvira

O, Anne Boleyn
what was your sin
To end in a Tower
without any power

A Righteous Queen you did libel
Her only crime: read a Bible
her daughter forced to serve a Babe
You made her a royal slave
you tried to poison      Mary and Kate
and, this turned out to be your fate

Many miscarriages, you had
the king was VERY mad
To Jane Seymour he did run
without shame he had his fun

A son she gave, then
she inherited a grave
The son, always ill,
He joined his mother dead and still

A monkey trial you were given
and Four men were driven,
to their death
You lost your head over a man
Your body then could not stand

Your daughter tried to make you a saint
but the truth is: you ain’t, you ain’t.
And, so you’re buried in the wrong place,
and history continues at the

August 2015