Job 19:26

“And though after my skin worms destroy this body, yet in my flesh shall I see God:”  Job 19:26

By Elvira

And, the eyes                          Closed

Silence.                                                                                    Darkness of
the Mind.

Llantos                                                                                     from the Family
one                                          throws                                     himself over the

“SILENCE!”                                                                              Said I.

The Light                                 Comes (?)                                or,
is it Light?
Dead id Dead                          is                                              DEAD.
IS                                             no Journey

Forward,                                                                                  Forward —
No Legs                                                                                   but,

All Actions                               mimic                                      life —
that Trap of
Gravity —
This                                          Is                                              the
Bodiless                                   grasping                                  for the VOICE.

On Earth:                                                                                 UnSEEN
only to the
Insane              and                                                                  Poets
the FACE:                                                                                 Undescribable
for       Words
are but                                                Symbols
for the Uninitiated.

G—d                                        accepts                                    the Wormed Flesh
of         the Righteous –

Who are They?

Only                                                                                         the ONE

We POORLY                                                                            Guess.

July 2014

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