‘Tis the Season

by Dennis

It is me, old mister grumpy, back to spread ill-will and cynicism along the way. I am one of Snow White’s lads who just refused to die.

I spend far too much time watching television and it has resulted in me having a far more jaundiced view of the world than before. I could complain about the news, complain about reality shows, sit-coms, and dramas, but I choose to rant about commercials.

I’ve noticed a trend, or better yet a few trends, in these ads, and frankly they disturb me, or Frank Lee (whoever he might be), or whoever you wish.

Let’s start with children. Since last Super Bowl having babies giving financial advice – these kids are still wearing diapers and sleeping in cribs and they are telling me to whom I should give my money to invest? I think not. Capital One has an obnoxious baby that breaks guitars and throws Cheerios at Jimmy Fallon, a nice example to set. But I will not dwell there. Lizards and pigs that sell insurance, dogs with human-like smiles, cats that tell what kind of litter box gravel they prefer. Who the heck listens to dogs and cats not to mention lizards and pigs?

But the one that disturbs me the most is “The General,” the General Insurance Company’s spokesman. He is portrayed by a cartoon figure who is short, has a huge moustache and who plays baseball with a penguin that wears sunglasses. But most of all he is shown to have 5 stars as his rank. I have not been in the military but I have a great respect for them. Do you know how many 5 star generals there have been? Dwight Eisenhower, George Marshall, John (Black Jack) Pershing (who refused to wear the fifth star), Douglas MacArthur, Hap Arnold (first commander of the Army Air Corp., later the U.S. Air Force), Omar Bradley, and George Washington. Rather impressive company. It was decided by President Gerald Ford in1972, that this honor never be given to anyone again.

I have written the company and told them of my dismay. They probably thought I was a “nut case,” and never replied. So they may save you 15% on your insurance, but to me they do more damage than any accident.

January, 2013

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