The New Me?

by Dennis

I went to the doctor yesterday, a Neurologist. I’m not sure what he does, but everyone seems to agree that I need one. This week or the past ten days I’ve been extremely anxious. I have given in to my talent for RANTING on a number of occasions, and yesterday was no exception.

I yelled, mumbled, declared and questioned everything and everybody. A few weeks ago I told you that I was advised to give in and have a good hard cry over my affliction, and how I rejected such a thought and rebelled at its mention. Well it’s been seven months now and my conviction has weakened beside the face of reality. The doctors (he brought in his attending doctor to join us) suggested taking mood elevating drugs and professional help to guide me on my course. I agreed, despite the scars inflicted upon my ego.

So this story has no end. In fact it is just beginning. So I want to put this out to all of you – I don’t know where this is going, how long or short a journey it may be. It may be one that is too personal or just my trip and nothing but boredom for you. I would like your feedback. And don’t worry about my ego; I have little left after yesterday afternoon.

July, 2012

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