Old Sayings Sometimes Do Come True

By Dennis

There is a well-worn and tried-and-true saying that expounds that time is money. At first glance one may not think so.

First we have time. It is manipulated by man and twisted to service his purposes, for example time zones, pastimes, downtime, time-out, etc. But time is really a creation of some higher power that cares little about these puny labels, but addresses the larger issues like daytime, nighttime, wintertime, springtime, wartime, peacetime, and even on a more personnel basis like, your time has come, you’ve run out of time, a time to reap a time to sew, etc. etc.

That brings us to money. Now that’s a lot easier to wrap your mind around. It is wholly a creation of man, something of value that is accepted as such. Some say it makes the world go around, and others hold that it is the root of all evil. There’s the famous quote, “I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor, and believe, me rich is better.” And, “They have everything money can buy.”

This brings me to my experiences of just the past week. At the end of the week before last I was informed by Southwest Gas that I had a major gas leak in my service and that it needed to be turned off until it was repaired. This left me with the inability to do dishes, wash my laundry and bathe, since my water was of the ambient temperature and you may recall it was somewhat nippy last week. Last Monday I received my long awaited State income tax return along with an astronomical gas bill on Wednesday. Southwest Gas came to repair the service, and in the process hit my water line. Their responsibility for the damage was waived and it became my responsibly by a release I signed to permit the gas line leak repairs. So my tax return and I only had a short visit.

But it was the timing that caught my eye. The check came in at the same time as the expense occurred. There is an old political saying by some, “You can’t solve a problem by throwing money at it.” In my sixty-three years I have never encountered a problem that couldn’t be solved by throwing money at it.

November 2013

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