My Kind of Town, Chicago Is

By sinneD

A few tidbits gathered while living in this awesome city from 1972 to 1977. In one particular year the mayor, the Honorable Richard J Daley, pushed through a measure in that every fire station in the city was to have a swimming pool built for the neighborhood children to enjoy. Only one was constructed, and that was in the Bridgeport neighborhood. Then the project ran out of money and the plan of summer heat relief was abandoned. By the way, Bridgeport was the where the mayor lived. Like I said Chicago is big on neighborhoods.

Meanwhile, in my neighborhood, Marquette Park, there were a couple of tragic yet somewhat amusing stories. One evening a man came home, carrying a drill he just purchased at Sears and went into the basement. There he committed suicide by drilling a hole in his skull. However, he wasn’t successful till the THIRD HOLE!!! His widow said to the police she should have been aware something was amiss, “because Robert was never very handy with tools around the house.”

Only a few blocks away, another despondent man also decided to end it all. He went to Sears and purchased a length of rope. He dutiful tied one end around a foot of the bathtub the other around his neck. He then proceeded to jump out of the bedroom window. The problem arose in that he lived in apartment on the second floor and he had purchased 100ft of rope. According to police it took around 15 minutes to dig him out from under the excessive rope. He suffered only a broken leg. He was taken to the hospital to set the leg and for “further observation.”

February 2016