Little Ditty about Jack and Dyan

By Dennis

Jack had just gotten divorced and knew he had to start a new life. It was years since he was into the dating game but he knew he had to get back into circulation if for no other reason than revenge. He used his job as a vehicle for this. He met many people a day and thought this could be his opportunity. Time passed but finally it happened. He had to visit a customer who was about his age, single and friendly. He stammered a bit but he finally asked her for a date. She agreed. The night of the date came. Jack decided to take her to his favorite bar, the “Dew Drop Inn.” The place was crowded as usual. They went up to the bar and ordered two drinks. Before long Jack had to excuse himself to visit the restroom.

To get there he had to pass through the room that had a number of pool tables. The tables were being used by a number of somewhat unsavory characters. Jack dared not disturb them. He slowly snaked his way around the pool tables and reached the bathroom. When he came out he knew had to face the same gantlet to return to the bar. When he returned to the table Dyan was nowhere to be found. He asked the bartender what had become of her. He nodded his head toward the dance floor. Sure enough there she was dancing with not one guy but two. Jack sat down. As the music ended the three of them returned to the table. The air at the table was heavy with tension. Not long afterwards the two guys got up and left. Jack tried to not to let his anger show but it did.

A short afterward Jack announced it was time to go. “But why?” Dyan asked. “It’s been years since I’ve been here and I’m having such a good time.” “It’s close to midnight and don’t want be seen leaving this bar parking lot at closing; the cops will be lining up to stop us,” Jack replied. Reluctantly she agreed. They left and he drove to her home. The journey was unusually silent. They arrived at her home and the wishes for a good night were short and abrupt. Dyan entered and quickly closed the door.

Jack mused, “So this is what new age dating is all about – all for me. None of the I’m going home with the man that brought me. It’s live for the moment, live for yourself, and all others be damned. Sounds a lot like the me-first generation they so often condemn.” He got into his truck, lit a cigarette and thought, “Well I don’t like it, but I can live with it. Or who knows, maybe I’ll meet someone more old fashioned like myself.” He started the truck and a big smile crossed his face. “Perhaps you learned more you think tonight,” he muttered aloud.

sinned December 2014

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