How I Spend My Day

by Dennis

I am sometimes asked what I do all day. The answer is a sheepish and embarrassed nothing. It’s not that that there isn’t anything to do, but rather what I feel I can do. Perhaps I underestimate myself, perhaps I’m frightened, or overly cautious, or all of the above.

So what do I do all day? I watch way too much television. I complain about how messy and dirty my house is. And I play computer games.

Most of the available games are designed for people much younger than me, but I don’t want to buy and have forever on my computer some game which I shall become bored with in a certain amount of time.

However, there is one game that I repeatedly go to since I’ve had the computer – about a year now. That game is solitaire. I love it! I play it every day. In fact, I checked, and since I’ve had the computer, I have played 7700 games and won 498 times. That is about 5% of the time.

There is just something about that game. It starts with you, the computer, and a deck of digital cards. But it soon changes. It’s no longer you against the imaginary house, but you against you. You try second guessing yourself, trying to guess where the cards are hidden. If you were “the house” where might you hide them? I find myself talking to the machine, accusing it of holding a grudge. “No winning on Mondays.” One thing I discovered is you can never quit when you are losing. Maybe that’s the hopeless gambler in me. But winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.

May, 2013

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