Change of Pace If You Please

by Dennis

A few nights ago I watched a T.V. program that thoroughly fascinated me and I wanted to share it with you.

In 1896 two woodmen were clearing some land on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. One of the trees they felled had a tablet entwined in its roots. The tablet measured 19 by 26 inches and on it were strange symbols. The University of Michigan and the Smithsonian Institute were both notified. Since the language was unknown it was dismissed as a hoax. The tablet was subsequently stored in a barn and left untreated and unprotected, as was another rock drawing of a ship, a long ship with a rectangular sail.

Nine years later, scientists claimed proof the existence of an ancient civilization on the island of Crete off the coast of Greece that existed 5000 to 1500 years ago – the Minoan. This was during the Bronze Age. As you may know bronze is an alloy made from iron and copper. Bronze was very valuable to the civilizations at that time. Jewelry, weapons and armor were made from it. In fact a typical Roman solider is said to have worn bronze armor that totaled 26 pounds. The Northern Peninsula of Michigan is rich with copper. Does this explain the thousands of ancient mines found there or the estimated one to one point five billion pounds of copper estimated to be “missing”?

Upon the discovery of the Minoan civilization, the Smithsonian asked to reexamine the stone again, but it had subsequently crumbled due to lack of proper care. But photographs of it still existed. These photos of the tablet showed that it contained a prayer that rewarded the efforts of their labor and could be read both vertically and horizontally. The craving of the boat was shown to be exactly like drawings of Minoan vessels. Finally the testing of Minoan bronze from a shipwreck off the island of Crete was shown to have same the purity level as Michigan copper – 97.7%.

Does this prove that Michigan copper was their raw material? That Europeans had landed in the “New World” thousands of years before Columbus, indeed thousands of years before the Vikings? I think not, but to quote a phase from a right-wing news personality “I report—you decide.”

February, 2013

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