Can Anybody Hear Me?

by Dennis

So often I find myself challenged by the thought of what to write. To some it seems so easy. To others it calls upon inner feelings or beliefs, imagination, passing thoughts, pipe dreams, and vague memories pulled from haze of the past.

I have gone beyond that. I address the question of language. Words are made up of letters. Letters are only the symbols for sounds. Letters are joined together to express a thought or word.

To express that you heard a bird sing, a dog bark, is not the same as hearing it. How about “the dawn breaks” or “the night falls”?

Letters make up words and words are just symbols of feelings or events that we use to convey an experience. But does that do us justice? Indeed, does it take away the experience of the listener? Adios, good-bye, ciao, sueño, bon soir – all translate, yet do they not have different meanings? Tell me the difference between “adios” and “vaya con Dios.” Both mean good-bye, yet one is more caring than the other. Then we have the have the Germanic tongues, where most of our curse words come from (I’m sure they are very proud of that). “Ich liben dis …”, “tack a mouschs fasa a goo”. Please forgive the spelling. Again translated, but the real meaning … lost.

Until we learn how to communicate with something other than our tongues we will be damned to suffer the plight of the misunderstood.

October, 2012

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