Best Laid Playn of Myself Gone Awry

By Dennis

On a hot and muggy summer night in New York City, Bert and Clare brought forth a bouncing bundle of joy. He was given the name Dennis in honor of his maternal grandmother Daisy. And he then spent the next 40 plus years trying to make them regret that decision. He attended a Catholic grade school and spent 2 years in a Catholic preparatory high school. But these years did not have the desired effect upon young Dennis.

In 1963 the family moved to Florida. It was there where Dennis grew into manhood and he considered it his true home. He attended high school and 2 junior colleges there and then on to the University of Florida. His tenure at the University was spotty to say the least, after all the U of F was considered one of the best “party schools” in the nation.

It was around then Dennis realized a somewhat disturbing behavior in his parents. They kept on leaving him to his own devices, or perhaps just vices would be more accurate. They kept moving away from him. From Florida they went to Chicago. Dennis soon joined them there. After about a year they moved once again to Pennsylvania. It was about this time, he was about 25, that he got the message. He got married and started his own family that couldn’t move until they got older, which they did. By this time they had moved to Arizona. Dennis was going to show them. In order to show him one-upmanship, the family moved back to Florida his adoptive home. And to this day they ask Dennis to join them. But now he thinks he knows better.

October 2013

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