Bastille Day

by Dennis

Last Friday passed, and to us it was a day like any other. But it was one day of great importance. It was Bastille Day.

In 1789 the French people took to the streets of Paris and took over a prison/armory long known to hold the enemies of the king. The Fourth Estate was desperate in their trials and full of despair. Fearing that the First and Second Estates may seize rule and establish a union between the nobles of France and the Catholic Church, they sought out guns and powder.

Revolts and revolutions happen all the time. But this was unusual. The divine right of kings was being challenged. Even the American Revolution did not threaten the king, who was born to rule, appointed by God.

We all know what became of Louis the 16th and his bride. However the French people stood in the face of hostile troops and Holy Scripture to deliver this right. I don’t like the French – their airs and attitudes. But credit where credit is due. To quote Dickens, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”

July, 2012

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