by Betty

Much has been written of yoga over the many, many centuries. The literature is profound, philosophical, and much meaning to contemplate. It has been called a calming oasis, a place of peace, harmony and happiness, a blending of the mind and body. It can be read as spiritual or religious.

How I got involved is yet a mystery to me. Yet here I am, twice a week with people like myself – elderly, lonely, lost in a world we are no longer a part of. Here we sit learning the secrets of yoga.

deep breathing
new friends

No doubt there will be more.

No way is this a lesson on how to do yoga. This is only what has worked for me.

Meditation is a source of quiet, silence like none other. Eyes closed, imagining a single word or a single object, be it big or small, heavy or light, old or new, bright or dull, just a time of no should have done, could have done, better get to it, no planning, no communication, no obligations. Just quiet, peace within, relieving stress.

Deep breathing may be the secret of yoga. Strange, everyone breathes. Deep breathing slows one down as one imagines the breath traveling inside the body, head to toe, and then slowly breathing out. As the days go by, the breathing grows deeper and slower as the mind and body connect.

The stretching is slow and easy to see how high one can reach, how far one can reach, how long a stretch can be held. Not for everyone, but even then, we try and pretend. The poses are elaborate, unbelievable, none of us even try! But we marvel at what once maybe it could have been us.

Balance is a bit tricky. Balance on one foot tip toe, the other leg way out in front, or way out behind, or way off to the side. A chair may be necessary to help support one.

Many books are written about yoga. Each book is worth exploring. Many opinions about yoga abound. Choose your own, if any.

Yoga just might be a gift you give yourself!

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