by Betty


Not for me.
Stop and listen.
You may be missing something really god.


Find a quiet place in your mind. Just enjoy the quiet, no problems to solve, no duties to finish. Just you and the quiet. No stress, no bills to pay, just you and the quiet. It does work.

Deep Breathing

Everyone breathes. Try taking a really deep breath and holding it. Let it go slowly. Take a deep breath and think of it traveling place to place in your body. It works. Amazing how it works.


Follow a leader – watch the person in front of you. Try what you can – quit if it hurts. Everyone has a way, and you’ll be surprised to find you like it. An exercise for everyone, and a person for every exercise.


Much has been written. Many philosophies there are. Many beliefs and much history. Choose your own, or even better still, make your own.


If you don’t try it, you’ll never know what you are missing. And that will be a shame.

Look it over, listen to the teacher, give it and yourself a chance. There’s something in yoga for everyone. You just may be surprised.

July, 2011

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