Winterhaven Easter Egg Hunt

by Betty

Three dense green lawns, colored eggs sprinkled all over, cars parked on both sides of the road for a block both ways, two long tables covered with treats – strawberries, pineapple slices, wee muffins, sweet rolls, brownies, eggs, cookies, cupcakes, small children with empty Easter baskets, parents watching carefully, older people smiling and enjoying – all was there. Little girls in colorful ruffles and lace, colorful flowery dresses. Little boys with tall top hats, cowboy hats. Parents in jeans and shorts. Suddenly they were lined up along the curb of the street, waiting for the count down, “One, two, three, GO!”

The two, three, four year olds picked up eggs and paused to see the color. The five, six, seven, eight year olds hunted a bit in the bushes and flower pots. The older ones hunted all over the third yard.

Then, baskets filled, family and friends sat on the green lawns enjoying the Easter Egg Hunt, the treats, and friends, new and old.

What a way to celebrate the approach of Easter Sunday. What a way to celebrate the neighborhood friends and new comers. What a place to live –

is our home.

And this was one moment of Camelot.

April, 2011

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